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week 3

the last week of our first kazi fresh - work camp. our participants focused on fixing all the holes in the roof. all seating possibilities are repaired. now ideas like a shoe shelf for the nursery students were very welcome.

one evening we visited the chuoni english center. in the evening combo a friend of mine voluntary teaches english to students from grade 1 to 10. we decided to support his lesson to the younger students and tell them a little bit about ourselves, kila kitu fresh and switzerland.

yannick and piet left zanzibar and returned home safely, with many nice experiences and new skills. fabrice and I will stay for another month.

conclusion after the first kazi fresh:

48 repaired desks

13 tables

11 chairs

11 doors

10 windows

1 cardboard

3 new shoe shelves

we say, there is much karma invested and we wish all participants good luck for the next steps to a brighter future.

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