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nzuri sana - very good

Our third and last kazi fresh this year started very good. This time with 4 participants Mohamed, Salum, Markus and Marcel. Before I (steff) left, I had the chance to meet everybody and to wish them good luck for the following weeks. Mwinyi our instructor is now responsible for the whole work camp by himself. There are a lot of challenges on our way, but we are an awesome team and we believe we can do anything together!

In this kazi fresh we are in the Kitongani primary school. It is located 20 minutes away from Maungani our home village by bicycle.

Now we want to start with the production of new school desks. We still struggle with the permission to start in the technical school, but we want to produce. Thanks to a friend we can start in his workshop for this kazi fresh.

The chosen school is hidden in the forest and therefore not the most important school for the government. 169 Students have to sit on the floor and there are not enough desks and chairs to fix. So we decided to support this school with the new desks.

Conclusion of this week.

9 fixed desks

Start with the production of new desks

Before I left the we made with the support of nicole and raffael, which we met in Stone town the capital city of Zanzibar, Älplermagrone - macaroni, chese, cream, onion and potato, where you can add mashed apple sauce. Of all Swiss dishes this one was the favourite of our locals. 😋

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