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kazi fresh #2

after one week of preparation a new motivated group started!

salum, seif, fabrice, silas, andrin and marco visited on monday with mwinyi our instructor the three schools we want to work on this kazi fresh. kazi is swahili for "work time".

both salum and fabrice already participated in the first kazi fresh. they guided the others through the first school - kombeni primary. kombeni secondary school and maungani school were also visited.

fabrice and andrin went again to the primary school in kombeni to build three desks from the scraps of the first kazi. with some rope and two scraps it was also possible to rebuild the broken swings.

after two days they joined the others in the secondary school which is also located in our neighbour village kombeni. the furniture of this school is made with chairs and tables instead of desks.

for the weekend we went to nungwi and kendwa to enjoy the amazing beaches of zanzibar!

conclusion of this week:

3 repaired desks

2 Swings

50 tables

31 chairs

1 light switch

2 water tabs

1 water spout

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